Best Poker Cheating Devices

Cheating at a poker game can ruin your reputation. However, there are some ways you can cheat and win at poker without breaking any rules. These include using marked cards, which have hidden marks that you can only see with special equipment. These marks can reveal the suit or number of the card to you before the dealer deals the hand. This can help you decide whether to call a bluff, or fold your hands.

The most popular method of cheating at poker is using invisible ink marked playing cards. These cards are marked with a message that is not visible to the human eye, but can be read by infrared or contact lenses. This will help you to see what cards your opponent is holding before they deal the cards and determine when to place a wager.

Another common poker cheating device is a wireless camera. These devices are small, compact and can be hard to spot. They can be hidden in things like a watch or car key, and they can communicate with the cheater through a small speaker or an audio earpiece.

You can also purchase a poker analyzer/scanner that can read the barcodes on both sides of a card. This device will send this information directly to your smartphone or tablet. You can then analyze the results. This can give you a big advantage over your opponents, but it is important to note that the person running the game may know that you are cheating.