Glasses That See Invisible Ink

You can use invisible ink glasses to impress your friends during the next poker game. They are a great way to see marked cards and help you win your next hand. They look like regular sunglasses so no one will suspect you are cheating!

How do glasses that detect invisible ink compare with other methods of detecting ink?

UV-protective lenses are used in glasses that can read hidden marks on cards. They are also equipped with red filters, which allow the wearer of the glasses to see luminous marks on cards. This makes them an excellent choice for card games like poker, blackjack and Roulette.

There are several ways to make invisible ink visible, including heat-activated and chemical-activated inks. The chemical-activated inks are usually made by adding a chemical to the ink that reacts and reveals it. For example, phenolphthalein is an indicator that turns colors in reaction to bases (like sodium carbonate), turning the water into red “kool-aid.”

Some invisible inks work by being activated by light. These types of invisible inks use phosphorescence or fluorescence to illuminate when exposed to a specific wavelength of light, such as 365nm for UV-based invisible inks and 254nm for luminous inks. You can find many different brands of invisible inks at novelty stores and magic shops, or online. Some inks are also formulated to resist water, heat and chemicals.