How to See Through Poker Cards

If you are unsure whether someone is cheating, it’s worth paying attention their actions and bodylanguage. If you notice that they pick up the cards at the table differently, or if they handle them differently from everyone else, it is likely they are cheating. If they seem to concentrate on the cards a great deal and squeeze them in certain manners, it’s likely that they’re trying to cheat.

This is done by using a deck of cards marked with invisible ink, and a series of black spots. These marks are scanned remotely using a poker-cheating device to determine the suit and value of the card. This is an advanced method compared to simply marking the corners on the cards. Other players can easily spot this and it is not as reliable.

Another popular way to mark poker cards is by using a stencil, which has a series of numbers that indicate the suit and value of each card. For example, a first number would indicate a Club. A second would indicate Hearts. A third would be Spades. The marks should be made on the right side because they will be “upside down” when your opponent holds them.