How to Use a Marked Deck of Cards

A marked deck of cards is an essential tool for many magicians, and there are countless ways to use it. The best marked deck should disguise its markings to a point where spectators will not suspect the deck is gimmicked, but should also be easy for you to read so that you can perform your chosen tricks with confidence and precision.

When buying a marked deck, it is important to consider how you will be using it and where you will be performing. If you will be performing in a public setting, where spectators are likely to have strong suspicions about magic, then you should look for a deck that will not draw attention to itself. You will want to choose a deck that is designed well enough so that it does not scream “marked deck”, and you will want to learn some sleight of hand maneuvers to conceal your ability to peek at the back of a card without drawing attention to yourself.

On the other hand, if you are going to be performing in a private venue, where spectators are more likely to be curious about what you are doing and may even ask questions, then you should look for a deck of cards that will allow you to read the backs of the cards in order to accomplish your magic tricks. It is also a good idea to get familiar with the marking system of your deck, so you will be able to quickly and accurately identify the card you are looking for. There are two types of marked decks that you will find on the market: reader systems and coded systems. Reader systems use a simple system that allows you to read the value and suit of a card by simply scanning the back design. Coded systems, on the other hand, use other codes or clues to indicate the identity of a card.

One of the most common uses for a marked deck of cards is to add strength to other card magic tricks that you already know and practice, or to give you the confidence that you can perform a trick even when a spectator has spotted your sleight of hand. For this reason, many professional magicians prefer to use a marked deck all of the time.

The most popular marked deck on the market is a deck that is designed by Magic Dream, which uses a Grand B back. This deck empowers you to read a card’s pip and value from nearly a meter away, and comes with an accompanying 32 page mini-book explaining the effect and giving you five additional routines.

There are other gimmicked decks that are available, but they tend to be more suitable for gambling and mentalism, and not for card magic. In addition, many of the gimmicked decks are not very easy to read, and require a considerable amount of skill and practice to use. Despite the fact that most magicians will not need to use a marked deck for more than 20% of their work, they still choose to purchase one in order to be prepared for those occasions when they do need to use it.