How to Use Invisible Ink Contact Lenses to Read Invisible Ink Marked Cards

How to Use Invisible Ink Contact Lenses to Read Invisible Ink Marked Cards

You may be interested either in a magic act or in learning how to read ink marked cards. Luckily, there is an answer to your question and it’s called infrared contact lenses.

These contact lenses are luminous ink and can see the ink marks in the back of the cards clearly with their luminous ink. And they’re made to be very comfortable. The best part? They won’t affect your original eye color! So they’re perfect for any eye colors.

There are many types and styles of IR contacts lenses available on the market. They all reflect infrared light. They can detect different levels depending on the size of your filter. These infrared lenses can be customized to your liking.

What makes these luminous contact lenses different to other types of IR glasses? These special lenses have a purple part. The purple part helps your eyes receive infrared light that is not available to them naturally. It’s a tidbit, but the rest the lenses are completely clear and won’t change the color or shape of your eyes.

This type of infrared contacts lenses is used to cheat players who want win at their favorite poker games. It is safe, easy, and cheap way to cheat in poker.

It works by using a filter that is specifically made to capture the infrared light that is reflected back onto the card. It doesn’t change your natural eye color, and it also won’t be detected by others.

When you wear these infrared contact lenses for the first time, it may take some time to adjust to it. It may cause your eyes to ache and feel uncomfortable at first. It’s normal for your eyes to feel a little uncomfortable at first.

If you aren’t comfortable with regular contacts, these infrared lens for sale can be a great option. They can also be removed easily if you have a need to leave the game.

They are suitable for people with impaired vision or those who have difficulty reading the details of the cards. These infrared contact lens for sale can also be customized to fit your eyes perfectly.

These infrared contacts lenses come in many colors and sizes. Some of them cover the entire pupil, while some others only cover part of it. They are ideal for people with blue or dark eyes.

Another popular type of infrared contact lenses for sale is the 9mm kind, which is made to cover just your iris. This is a great option for people with black eyes but can also be worn with green, blue, and brown eyes.