Infrared Contact Lenses – Poker Cheating Device

Infrared contact lenses – poker cheating device

These invisible ink lenses can help you, whether you’re a poker enthusiast or simply looking for an edge. These lenses let you see the invisible marks that are on the back of cards, which can give you valuable information about the cards of your opponents. This information will help you to make better decisions when it comes to betting and when to fold.

These special contact lenses are also known as IR contact lenses, marked cards contact lenses and luminous ink contacts. These special contacts are made of a polymer that has an optical feature called graphene. Graphene, a polymer with optical properties, has been found to possess some interesting qualities. One of these is the ability to detect light infrared. By incorporating graphene into the lens, researchers created an infrared filter that allows you to see invisible ink markings on cards.

While this may seem like a trick straight out of a spy movie, in fact, these lenses are currently available to the public. Although the filters are very expensive now, they will be more affordable in the near future. You could soon be able wear these infrared lenses to gain an edge in poker games, magic performances and other activities.

Marked cards are another type of technology-based cheating device that helps you win a poker game. These are cards that have been specially processed to show invisible markings. These markings will let you know the value and suit on your opponent’s cards. Then, you can determine the best way to play your hand.

You can find special cards on some online poker sites. They are usually a little more expensive than regular cards, but the extra price is well worth it. You should still be aware of the risks associated with using these cards. You may lose a great deal of money if you use these products incorrectly. In some countries they are also illegal.

The real infrared contact lenses are normal contacts that we process with special material in the center. This black part will reflect your pupil color, and others won’t be able to see the contact lenses. Infrared contact lens should not be worn for longer than one year. You should also disinfect and clean them regularly using contact lens solution.

Two poker players were caught using invisible markers and marked cards to cheat casinos. Stefano Ampollini is an Italian citizen who was sentenced to prison for two years after he was convicted of cheating a casino at Cannes, France last month. Bruce Koloshi from New Jersey has been arraigned on charges he used the exact same method to bilk Mohegan Sun. Both men marked their decks with invisible ink and then counted the cards to decide when to place wagers. They also allegedly recruited corrupt casino workers to help them.