Inside the Game – The Controversy and Impact of Marked Cards Contact Lenses

If you’re not familiar with Inside, the new video game from Danish studio Playdead that was released for Xbox One in early 2018, it’s a breath-taking work of melancholy and mystery. Its sparse story is told in a variety of ways through the use of visuals, mechanics, sound design and more. It’s a puzzle game that requires the player to stretch their imagination in order to make sense of it all. It is a puzzle that can be played many different ways and it’s this endlessly confounding nature that has some players scratching their heads at the game’s ending.

Marked cards are a special type of cheating contact lens used to read invisible markings (value and suit). These special cheating contact lenses are made with high-quality normal contacts and are processed in a way that makes them invisible to naked eyes. They can be easily found online for sale. They are easy to use. They can be played in both online and offline poker games.

These lenses are an excellent way to cheat in poker, but they can also be a serious threat to casinos. They are a very effective way to cheat in casino card games and are extremely difficult to detect by casino security. Some casino owners even hired private investigators to search for marks on the backs of cards to catch cheaters.

This type of professional card marking is not new. In the old days, people would paint a light reflecting chemical daub on back of playing cards. Then they would use special contact lens to view the marked card. This method of cheating has become more advanced as the technology behind these contact lenses continues its evolution. On the internet, you can find clear contact lenses that are virtually undetectable.

As a consequence, casino security is increasingly relying on cameras and sensor to monitor these types of marks. This is in conjunction with the use of hand techniques patterns, which are designed for spotting certain hand movements that indicate cheating.

While these methods of detection are not foolproof, they do provide a significant level of protection against this type of card cheating. Casino employees are also trained to look out for certain body language, like a nervous smile, or a squint that could indicate a player trying to hide something.

Despite the controversy, these contact lenses are still very popular for cheating in casino card games. The bottom line is a person shouldn’t use these contact lenses without proper disinfection, and should only wear them with the permission of an experienced poker player or doctor. It is also important to never share these lenses with anyone else, as they can cause serious health issues.