How Does an Ultimate Marked Deck Work?

What is the ultimate marked deck?

A marked deck is a special type of card that has markings that allow you to perform cool magic effects. They are particularly useful for magicians and mentalists. There are many options for marking decks, from luminous ink to lateral barscode cards.

The best – and most expensive – marked deck is the one that is designed specifically to be used with the magician’s gimmick of choice, such as a mentalism routine or a gambling effect. These types of decks are made from the finest paper and are a delight to handle.

This book explains how to use a marked card deck in layman’s language and gives the secret to oleo magic. Most of the tricks and routines in this book are from Jean-Marc Gaheri and Damien Vappereau, who are the creators of the burgeoning deck craze. However, a few are from Ivan Laplaud, and others.

This guide, which is 145 pages long, provides a detailed primer on the markings used by the UMD. It is well written, and the pictures and charts are clear and concise. The 105 tricks and routines provide a fun diversion to the usual sleight-of-hand and a great way of exploring the capabilities of a new deck.

The best thing about this book is its example of how a mark deck can be used in innovative card magic. This book is essential for anyone who owns a marked card deck or is interested in this fun and entertaining genre.