What is an Ultimate Marked Deck?

What is the ultimate mark deck?

A ultimate marked deck is a deck that was specifically designed for card magic. It is perfect for magicians. The ideal deck must be as easy-to-read as possible, without any obvious markings. It should look just like a normal deck to avoid being misinterpreted by the public.

1. It should be able to use a reader system

Professional magicians prefer to choose a marked deck that is factory-produced and uses a reader system. This allows you to concentrate on your magic and keep your audience’s attention.

2. It should have good-sized markings

It is crucial that you can clearly see the markings when you perform magic. It’s also crucial that they are large enough so that you can quickly read them if needed.

3. It should disguise the markings sufficiently

The design of the card back is another important factor to consider when deciding on a marked deck. The card’s back design is important, as it will be where markings are visible to spectators if the deck is displayed face-up in either a spread or fan or when the cards have been placed in a display container.

It should also be capable of hiding the markings so they are only seen by a careful observer who is willing and able to spend some time studying them.

4. It should have markings on the long edges

The most common way of displaying a deck is to place it face down in a spread or fan. This is why it is important that the markings remain on the long edges. This allows you and others to see the markings as the deck is being displayed. It also makes identification of cards easier within a fan or spread.

5. It should use the Bicycle Riders Back design

The Rider Back, the most iconic and well-known marked deck design, has been a USPCC favorite for over 135 years. But the design has come under threat in recent times, with USPCC now limiting the number of marked decks that can be printed on their Bicycle brand.

This has meant that most marked cards on the market today are either Mandolin Back or Maiden Back designs. These are both excellent choices and the best options for any new magician who wants to have a Bicycle-branded marked board in their hands.

There are many great mark decks that combine these key characteristics, like the Ultimate Marked Deck from Magic Dream. This deck is extremely popular and highly desired. It has now been reprinted.