Invisible Ink Glasses For Poker Cards

When people buy invisible ink glasses for poker cards, they may not know that they’re actually buying a tool that can be used to cheat at card games. While invisible ink cards and glasses seem harmless, they’re not allowed to be used for cheating at card games. This is because they can give one player an unfair advantage over other players. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at invisible ink cards and glasses to learn more about why they are considered cheating tools.

The invisible ink sunglasses that we sell will allow you see hidden marks on decks of cards. These marks are usually made on the back of a card and can be seen by wearing special sunglasses. The sunglasses contain a filter which allows you to see marks on cards. Invisible ink is usually made of a special chemical which only becomes visible when exposed to certain conditions. This can include UV, heat or chemicals.

Our sunglasses are equipped with a blue or brown filter, which allows you to see the invisible markings of the cards. You can choose the color that best matches your personality. Our sunglasses look like a normal pair, so no-one will suspect that you are using them to cheat.

Also, we have kits with luminous ink that will help you mark your cards with invisible ink. These kits include a marker and ink to allow you to mark your cards with invisible ink. The ink you use to mark your cards will depend on the brand and type of card.