The Most Complete Poker Cheating Device

The poker world just got rocked by a huge cheating scandal, and it comes just days after the chess world was hit by the same sort of thing. Supposedly, one of the top high-stakes cash game players in the world was accused of cheating to scoop an enormous pot in a live stream. Garrett Adelstein made the accusation, claiming that Robbi Lew used a vibrating ear plug to let her know when she was holding the best hand. This led her to raise her bets.

The device was reportedly strapped to Lew’s anal, and it allegedly worked by having the player send a message through a mobile phone app to the vibrator to give different pulses that meant different things: one for fold, two for call, three for raise. It is a stretch to think that such a device would work. However, it’s not impossible. An anonymous user on a forum for poker posted photos a few year ago of a mysterious machine that looked like something from a sci-fi movie. It was a device that allowed a player to read cards remotely. The system was controlled by cables that ran between the player’s feet and knees.

Most analyzer cheating devices have an internal camera that can read the barcodes on marked poker cards. External scanners are also available, such as the chip tray camera or watch poker scanner. External scanning cameras offer the flexibility to customize the scanning range according to your needs.