Preventing Poker Analyzer Infiltration in Casinos

Preventing poker analyzer infiltration

Poker is a game that is susceptible to cheating and collusion, as it is a multiplayer game. In the case of poker, player collusion involves players conspiring to win by making other players lose on purpose – also known as “adding value”. This is a huge problem for the poker room and its legitimate customers.

One of the reasons is that it erodes trust at the table, and this is not a good thing for any iGaming business. The other is that it leads to a loss of money, which is even worse for operators because it can be difficult to recover from this kind of damage.

Another big issue is that it can be difficult to detect. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed some professional and recreational players into playing online poker, but this also has created the opportunity for fraudsters to manipulate online games by using bots to collude with each other to fix the outcome of hands.

To help prevent this type of fraud, iGaming platforms can use SEON to spot bots and other types of fraud by monitoring velocity rules and identifying similarities between users that could imply identity fraud. This includes spotting virtual machines and spoofed devices used by fraudsters to create multiple accounts and bypass bans and restrictions. SEON’s digital device fingerprinting is excellent for detecting this type of activity. It also identifies spoofed locations, a common technique that poker bots use to avoid detection.