Poker Card Assistance Device

Imagine never having to bluff again, and always walking away from poker games a winner. It sounds ludicrous, but that’s exactly what this new gadget promises to do. It’s a customized smartphone with built-in cheating technology that can tell you what everyone else has in their hands. The device, which looks like a regular Android phone, was recently discovered by a Google employee named Elie Bursztein. He says it’s a “top-of-the-line high imitation of iPhone 4” that comes with specialized software and built-in card-reading cameras.

To use it, you simply have to set the camera close to the marked cards and wait for a few seconds. The device will then immediately send you a signal with the winning seat result (e.g., the device will say that seat 2 will win). The signal can be transmitted via earphone or any wireless accessory. You can also adjust how many players are at the table with a remote control.

The device can be controlled with a remote, showcased in the photo above, but constantly fiddling with it directly would quickly raise suspicions. To avoid this, it’s shipped with a wireless remote that allows you to discreetly change the number of players without ever having to touch the device itself. Changing the settings too often, however, could trigger the game to spoof your hand readings. This is why the device also has a “return” button that allows you to revert to the previous setting in case of suspicion.