Bicycle Pure Mark Mandolin Back Marked Deck

Bicycle pure mark Mandolin back marked deck is a traditional type of playing cards which doesn’t need to work with invisible ink kit. It is popular among magicians and well-known…

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Bicycle Pure Mark Mandolin Backmark Deck is a traditional playing card that does not require the use of invisible ink cartridges, popular with magicians, famous for its long history, loved by magic lovers and poker players. world-wide. Especially for poker players who cannot provide original cards for marking with glow in the dark ink. What should I do with this deck?

As for the bicycle license plate, we all know that its back is not complicated and has an axisymmetric feature, so it is easy to hide the numbers and suits. Pay more attention to marking the back of the bicycle plate, you will find that there are four corners, the part near the angel has a petal shape and a spiral shape, these two parts are changeable and undeniable. There are dots representing numbers and pips. Different positions on the spiral represent different suits, so even without other cheats like infrared contact lenses or sunglasses, you can have an authentic mandolin-backed deck on your bike and you can easily identify which card it is.


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