Copag Fall Edition Marked Cards Deck

Copag Fall Edition marked deck is one of the special Copag four-season edition marked playing cards. Our Copag Fall Edition double marked deck is marked with luminous invisible ink, providing…

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The Copag Fall Edition marker deck is one of the special Copag 4 Season Edition marker decks.

Our Copag Fall Edition Double Mark Decks are marked with luminous invisible ink to provide a unique effect for your enjoyment of poker and magic games. Invisible markings are UV exposure and can be viewed with lenses, infrared contact lenses, or other infrared ink readers. Poker Sunglasses. With a pair of high-quality markers, you don’t have to worry about your markers being spotted by the naked eye, because the markers are completely invisible to the naked eye. Anyone with our technology can make Copag High Quality Fall Edition marker decks that perform flawlessly in poker games and magic shows.

Made of 100% plastic playing cards, this Fall Edition deck is washable and durable, outlasting all playing cards. Each box contains two decks, a red deck and a blue deck. So, our Copag Fall Edition Marc deck is on sale as well. If you want to buy a single layer, it may be a bit more expensive.


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