Copag Winter Edition Marked Card Deck

Copag Winter Edition set are 100% plastic, which means that it is far more durable and will last much longer than regular plastic coated playing cards. And it also means…

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Copag Winter Edition sets are 100% plastic, which makes them more durable and long-lasting than regular plastic-coated playing cards.

The Spring Edition is a poker-sized 4-color deck with regular indexes on 2 corners.
Summer edition is jumbo index poker size
Autumn edition is poker size with dual hour markers in 4 colors
The winter version is playing card size with standard scales on the four corners.
Check out the following link for all available Copag playing card collections: https://www.markedcardsmall.com/collections/marked-copag-cards

What is the manufacturing process for Copag Winter Edition marker decks? mix. There are marked card printers and at the end we sprayed a special solution to make the markings last. The whole process results in higher quality marked cards than cards marked by other manufacturers. And this one is of good quality, you can see the markings clear and strong after wearing contact lenses with invisible ink. If you are interested in this Winter Edition Copag marked card deck, please feel free to contact us.


Poker size / Blue / Invisible Ink Contact Lenses, Poker Size / Blue / Poker Analyzer, Poker size / Red / Invisible Ink Contact Lenses, Poker Size / Red / Poker Analyzer


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