Dal Negro Napoletane Microchips Playing Cards Poker

Microchips playing cards poker, it might be the first time you heard about it, but you should know it, especially if you really care about card games you play. What…

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You may be new to Microchips poker, but you should know, especially if poker is your thing.

What the hell is Trump?

Basically, as the name suggests, playing cards with a microchip on them. Just look at the name to know its purpose. Widely used in card games. It works by having a microchip on each sheet that lets you know what each piece means, such as the Ace of Spades and the King of Clubs. With the help of chip (or RFID technology) cards, people only need a mini spy headset to keep going without tricking the suit and the digital reader on each card.

How to use chip poker

Magic Shows and Street Performances Are the Right Choice for You Whether you’re doing a magic show at the Grant Mall or at home, entertaining and wowing people to the max is the number one goal of every magician, and street performances are no different. Microchip playing cards are a great way to make your show a success.


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