Founier 2100 Marked Spanish Playing Cards Magic Trick

What are marked Spanish playing cards magic trick? They are a kind of cheat cards that poker players apply in the Texas Holdem card games. Usually, people also name it…

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What is the Spanish Playing Card Magic Trick? It is a cheating card used by poker players in the Texas Hold’em card game. Usually people also call it a magic card. It looks like normal playing cards, but it’s gambling. Cheat cards have more sparkle.

100% Spanish plastic or playing cards, treated with a special invisible ink that turns into magic cards, with detectable suits and numbers, or with barcodes on all four sides that only poker scanning cameras can read.

In our online store you will find high quality Spanish playing cards marked with all Fournier magic, such as Fournier 2100. -6 months People cannot detect flaws in poker, even at close range.

What can you do with perfectly marked Fournier Spanish playing cards like this? Usually people prefer to use these magic cards in card games. It’s not fair. I highly recommend my clients use this in their magic shows to keep the game fair. Good and powerful props are necessary if the magician is to perform successfully. As long as the magician wears glow-in-the-dark sunglasses or uses a poker scanner, he or she can control the entire show.


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