Fournier No.1 UV Ink Marked Playing Cards

Fournier No. 1 UV ink marked playing cards have undetected marks on the back for UV ink contact lenses to see clearly and people with naked eyes can’t see such…

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Playing cards marked with Fournier No.1 UV ink have undetected markings on the back that are clearly visible with UV ink contact lenses and are invisible to the naked eye.

Fournier No. 1 cards, one of the popular playing cards in Spain, can be well marked with UV invisible ink. Fournier No. 1 playing cards are marked to your order by technicians using a dedicated machine using UV luminescent ink, so this glow-in-the-dark ink marking is invisible to the naked eye. High quality marked deck.

The phosphorescent ink markings on Fournier No. 1 UV Marked Playing Cards can be either a large number and suit mark in the center of the back, or four small marks on the four corners, representing suit and number respectively. For the above two methods and mass production of playing cards, special markings can be made according to your requirements.

If you need UV ink marked playing cards, please contact us for more information.


Blue / 40 cards / Barcode, Blue / 40 cards / IR & UV, Blue / 50 cards / Barcode, Blue / 50 cards / IR & UV, Red / 40 cards / Barcode, Red / 40 cards / IR & UV, Red / 50 cards / Barcode, Red / 50 cards / IR & UV


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