Gambling Glasses for Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Gambling glasses are common devices to detect the luminous marks on invisible ink playing cards. Luminous marked cards have been processed with invisible ink so we can??t see the marks…

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Betting glasses are a common device for detecting luminous markings on invisible ink playing cards.


Both infrared glasses and contact lenses can detect invisible traces. But sometimes, contact lenses are not suitable for all players, nor can they be used in all situations. Some people cannot wear contact lenses because of eye diseases. The lens can not be close to a place with a fire source, such as a barbecue. At this time, Chinese infrared glasses come in handy.

Users don’t need to worry about glasses burning their eyes.


Our invisible ink sunglasses for gaming are stylish and will keep you looking cool. They look like normal glasses and won’t be easily spotted by other players. You can wear the glasses in many poker situations. More, special glasses can greatly increase your chances of winning in poker gambling. Infrared sunglasses must be used with invisible ink marked playing cards as they cannot see through normal playing cards.

When playing poker, you only need to prepare a marked deck of cards and a pair of gambling glasses. With the help of glasses, you can know the cards of other players in advance and help you make better decisions.


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