Infrared Sunglasses for Marked Playing Cards

Reading marked playing cards with infrared contact lenses is already a simple way to play a trick on poker game. Then how about with a pair of infrared sunglasses to…

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Reading cards marked with infrared contact lenses is an easy trick to play poker. In fact, if you are not used to wearing contact lenses in your daily life, infrared sunglasses work the same as infrared contact lenses.

Our eyes perceive light within a certain range, and to some extent, we cannot perceive light waves beyond this range with our naked eyes, so this object does not exist for us. The playing cards are invisible ink cartridges that are marked with the original playing cards by a professional printer. Since we say that the ink is unreadable by our eyes, the ink we mark on the card is infrared ink, and our eyes cannot recognize infrared rays. According to this principle, ordinary sunglasses are processed into infrared sunglasses. At the same time, a layer of ordinary polarized glass is coated on the glasses to make the glasses look more ordinary. Sunglasses, etc. reduce the player’s suspicion


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