Inspire Marked Bicycle Playing Cards

Inspire marked Bicycle playing cards are carefully crafted with superior quality in mind, printed by USPCC on long-lasting Air-Cushion finish. And its minimal every-day design and outstanding durability are shinning…

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Crafted with exceptional quality, the Inspire Marked Bicycle Playing Cards are printed by the USPCC and feature a durable air cushion finish that cannot be overstated.

Inspire marked bike playing cards include the standard face and the new bike Ace of Spades, fully marked of suit and value. Very recognizable, so a quick glance will suffice.

Specifically, the front wheel represents the face value of the card, the rear wheel represents the suit, and the front wheel has 12 spokes: if you look at it like a clock hand, the spoke at 12 o’clock goes clockwise, the other spoke represents A, and the third wheel represents 2 , and so on, the spokes on the rear wheel indicate suits in the following order, starting at midnight: clubs, hearts, spades, and others. The spokes of a card indicate the suit of that card.

Unlike infrared-marked playing cards, you don’t need to purchase additional inspection tools, such as invisible ink poker lenses or poker scanners, for Inspire-marked bicycle cards.


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