LD I6 iPhone 6 Poker Card Analyzer Cheating

LD I6 poker card analyzer has the same appearance with iphone 6. And it also have the same function like a real mobile phone. For example, you can use this…

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The appearance of LD I6 poker analyzer is the same as that of iPhone 6, and it also has the same functions as a real mobile phone. For example, you can use this analyzer to call others, send messages, take pictures, and surf the Internet… No one knows that there is no ordinary mobile phone.

The LD I6 Poker Hand Analyzer is a machine and as such does not require an external scanning camera to operate. code. The LD I6 iPhone 6 Analyzer calculates the possible winners in a gamble within 1 second. The scanning distance of LD I6 poker analyzer can reach 20-40 cm. This distance meets your requirements. If you can’t, it also works with various wireless poker cameras.

In the poker scam market, the LD I6 iPhone 6 Poker Analyzer is the first choice of many poker players. The reason is that the LD I6 analyzer can buy up to 5 card games while other poker analyzers can buy up to 3 card games. Because you can buy a game that will satisfy most poker players.


black / English / Normal earpiece, black / English / One-to-one earpiece, white / English / Normal earpiece, white / English / One-to-one earpiece


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