Modiano Club Bridge Casino Cheat Cards

Modiano Club Bridge marked decks of playing cards are Casino Cheat Cards for poker tricks. With the invisible marks on the back, users can wear professional infrared contact lenses to…

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A deck of playing cards marked Modiano Club Bridge is a casino cheat card used to play poker tricks. There are invisible marks on the back, wear professional infrared contact lenses, look at the design and color, and enjoy the fun of the game.

Some people ask why players always lose when they have very good hands. Now you know the key is a casino cheat card marked with invisible ink. Some casinos may use marked playing cards instead of clean cards for play, which do not allow users of contact lenses with marked cards to see the markings clearly, even when looking closely at the cards. But you can’t tell the difference with the naked eye.

Can anyone spot the glowing markings on the Modiano Club Bridge Casino cheat card? Yes, there are special devices that allow you to see invisible infrared markers on marked decks. However, in everyday life and games, under normal lighting conditions, you can see no traces with ordinary glasses or contact lenses, as well as with the naked eye, so there is no need to worry. Few everyday items can do this, showing invisible ink marks. Note that some infrared devices, such as infrared lamps, can be used to view markers anyway.


Blue / Poker size / Barcode, Blue / Poker size / IR&UV markings, Blue / Standard Index / Barcode, Blue / Standard index / IR&UV markings, Brown / Poker size / Barcode, Brown / Poker size / IR&UV markings, Brown / Standard index / Barcode, Brown / Standard index / IR&UV markings, Green / Poker size / Barcode, Green / Poker size / IR&UV markings, Green / Standard index / Barcode, Green / Standard index / IR&UV markings, Red / Poker size / Barcode, Red / Poker size / IR&UV markings, Red / Standard Index / Barcode, Red / Standard index / IR&UV markings


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