Modiano Platinum Acetate IR Conact Lenses Marked Deck

Modiano platinum poker acetate IR contact lenses marked deck is considered as the finest poker cheating playing cards by a lot of poker players. As everything knows, acetate is the…

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The Modiano Platinum Poker Acetate IR Contact Lens Mark Deck is considered the best poker cheat deck by many poker players. Acetate is known to be the perfect material for making better decks, so acetate based decks have more shape retention and texture.

In the past, it was very difficult to mark the back of Modiano Platinum Poker Acetate playing cards. First, the marking effect was not very good and the durability was relatively short. Second, the marked Modiano playing cards were easy to wear. After hundreds of tests, our manufacturers finally found the best way to label these playing cards.

Without compromising the original quality in any way, the markings on the reverse of the Modiano Platinum not only remain indelible for a long time, but are also easy to use with poker see-through systems such as poker cheat sunglasses or marking card contact lenses. can read

Here comes red and blue for a poker-sized jumbo index. And apply these cards to any game of poker. Appropriate numbers for each card, especially when blinds need to be made. Knowing this is very useful.



Blue / Infrared Camera / Bank Transfer, Blue / Infrared Camera / Moneygram, Blue / Infrared Camera / Western Union, Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses / Bank Transfer, Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses / Moneygram, Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses / Western Union, Red / Infrared Camera / Bank Transfer, Red / Infrared Camera / Moneygram, Red / Infrared Camera / Western Union, Red / Infrared Contact Lenses / Bank Transfer, Red / Infrared Contact Lenses / Moneygram, Red / Infrared Contact Lenses / Western Union


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