PK S518 Poker Cheating Analyzer Devices

When it comes to PK poker cheating analyzer devices, you may know little about S518. Because S708 phone analyzer is more popular than it, while it is worth mentioning that…

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When it comes to PK poker cheat analyzer equipment, you may know little about S518. Since the S708 mobile phone analyzer is more popular than it, it is said that it is the pioneer of the pk series, which has certain historical significance. In fact, there are S508s that came out of S508, but there is no good market for S508. The whole set of analyzer also includes Samsung mobile phone, headset, remote control, battery, and all basic functions such as call mode, headset mode, vibrator mode, etc.

The most amazing feature to get results is the vibrator mode because you don’t need to match another vibrator to work with this poker cheat analyzer system, you just need to press the top left mini button to quickly operate the remote control as a vibrator. About 5 seconds, if the result is “5,4”, the remote control will first shake 5 times, then shake 4 times. At the same time, changing the number of players or switching games with this remote can also help with those emergencies.

This is a very powerful poker cheat analyzer.


Friend Gathering / Black / 20-40 CM, Friend Gathering / Black / 25-45 CM, Friend Gathering / White / 20-40 CM, Friend Gathering / White / 25-45 CM, Magic Tricks / Black / 20-40 CM, Magic Tricks / Black / 25-45 CM, Magic Tricks / White / 20-40 CM, Magic Tricks / White / 25-45 CM


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