Shopping 350 Chip Tray Playing Cards Scanning Camera

350 chip tray?is a good cover for?playing cards scanning camera, our technicians can install well a mini camera lens inside the tray secretly, and people won’t find any difference. It’s…

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The 350 Chip Tray is a great housing for your Trump Scan Camera, our technicians can sneak a mini camera lens inside the tray and people won’t notice the difference. Marked with a barcode This is a poker camera suitable for scanning playing cards. Analyzer that acts as a barcode reader and reports winning cards.

The 350 Chip Tray Poker Scanning Camera has many advantages over other scanner cameras.

First of all, chip tray poker scanners are very safe to use. Chip trays are a popular everyday item on poker tables in casinos and private clubs. Tray playing card scanner is a card game used to cheat without arousing suspicion from anyone else.

Second, while chip trays are table-specific items, many other items, such as phones and power banks, cannot be placed in many places on a poker table. They can be scanned. Marked decks are stable and work fine with the Poker Phone Analyzer.

Also, the 350 chip tray is large enough to accommodate large batteries and ace scan camera lenses, which is a huge advantage as it can run longer than dealer cameras like watch cameras and cars. Key Scanner. Perfect for those who want to play poker all night or 8+ hours. longer time.

Our Chip Tray poker scanning cameras allow you to run the camera lens in different positions to read cards in different positions, such as the table or the dealer’s hand. We accept orders for Chip Tray Poker Table Cameras.


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