US Bee Marked Cards for Gambling Cheating

Bee marked cards for gambling cheating as one of the three best-selling brands in the United States, and we sell almost tens of thousands decks every year from 2010 years….

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Beemark card is one of the three best-selling brands in the United States. Since 2010, nearly 10,000 decks of cards have been sold every year. Its unique diamond-shaped square back pattern is well-known all over the world. As for materials, the cards are very durable and feature a high-quality plastic coating.

Premium Bee brand cards feature a patented coating and unique finish designed to last even in the most serious poker games. Our focus on quality means that each deck of cards has excellent slip resistance worth mentioning, meaning you get cards that snap, and feel. Cards are marked with invisible ink by our professional printer.

We’ll cover three markers on the back that can be used with infrared contact lenses and sunglasses, but if not specifically asked, we usually put the marker on the large marker in the middle. Types that can be read even at a distance Small markings on the four corners make the second card easier to read Small markings with white lines Type for customers with special designs The last type is suitable for customers with special designs Customer designs, marked as numbers If you wish, you can print special shapes in different positions to represent the numbers and suits.


Blue / Jumbo Index / Barcode, Blue / Jumbo Index / IR & UV, Blue / Standard Index / Barcode, Blue / Standard Index / IR & UV, Red / Jumbo Index / Barcode, Red / Jumbo Index / IR & UV, Red / Standard Index / Barcode, Red / Standard Index / IR & UV


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