Secret Marked Poker Cards

Some decks of cards have secret markings to help cheaters. These markings cannot be seen by the naked eye, and only a trained cheat is able to spot them. These marks are usually arranged in patterns to help the cheat identify the cards that his opponent is holding. Using these markings, he can easily identify the suit and value of the cards his opponent is holding. The more information the player has, he will be able to better predict his opponent’s cards and make informed betting decisions.

The most common method of marking a deck is by using invisible ink. The markings on the backs of cards are invisible to the naked eyes. This process is carried out by professionals. However, they can be detected by special poker analyzers and scanner cameras. There are a variety of invisible ink-marked cards, but barcode marked cards are the most common. Barcode marked decks have invisible barcodes printed on each side of the card. These markings are readable by a smartphone poker analyzer and can be used to predict the winning hands before the cards have been dealt.

A small amount of dirt or grease can also be used to conceal marks on cards. This method is not as effective as ink but is easy to use and inexpensive. There are other advanced marking methods that magicians and poker players can use. These techniques require professional skills to master and can be very difficult to detect by ordinary people.

A poker player could, for instance, use a special camcorder to make the cards look normal to the spectators. The camera can then take a picture of the marked cards, which will show the hidden markings. This technology isn’t as sophisticated as poker analyzers, but it still can be useful for card players and magicians who want an edge over their competitors.

In the past, it was very easy for card cheats to hide their marks on the cards. The simplest method was to use juice that left a tiny speck of coloring on the card backs. Some cheaters still use the old method, but it is not as reliable as the new invisible ink marked cards. Honest players can sometimes see the stains left by the juice.

You can mark a deck more effectively by using a pair or poker sunglasses. These lenses are designed to see invisible ink marks, so they can be used in a variety of situations. They can be worn in public and even while playing online poker games. This way, you can win more money by using a deck marked cards and keep your game a secret from other players.