What Are Cheating Dice?

A small polyhedron, a dice has six sides with numbers ranging from 1 to 6. It’s an implement used to generate random outcomes in games. Whether you’re playing a table game, role playing game or board game, the physical design of the dice and the number of dice rolled determine the mathematical probabilities of the outcome.

The act of cheating at dice rolls is to alter the outcome of a roll of the dice in order to alter the outcome of a game, or wager. It can come in many forms. From simply swapping legitimate dice for ‘loaded dice’ (which are identifiable by their serial number) to more complex techniques that involve throwing the dice and rolling them to achieve a certain result.

This type of cheating may seem insignificant, but if the cheater has been doing it long enough to make an impact on the results of the game, they might be banned from the casino or even face criminal charges depending on local laws. Dice manipulation is a well known technique in casinos and it’s a major concern for gamers as well.

Recently, a 600 year old dice that was designed to cheat at gambling has been discovered in Norway. The unusual dice has two fives and two fours, rather than the usual combination of one and two, making it more likely to favor players in games where a 4 or 5 is favorable and a 1 or 2 is unfavorable.