Bee Invisible Marked Playing Cards for Infrared UV Lenses

Invisible marked playing cards for Infrared UV lenses means you have to wear a pair of UV or IR poker contact lenses to read markings on the back of the…

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Infrared UV lens invisible marking playing cards means you need to wear UV or IR poker contact lenses to read the markings on the back of the playing cards. Bee Poker is like Bicycle Poker and is made by the USPCC in the most popular Casino USA Poker

We want to process the popular playing cards into invisible ink playing cards to meet the needs of the market.

Invisible ink playing cards for UV(IR) contact lenses are called glow in the dark ink markers or juice markers. Most different brands of playing cards can be processed into invisible cards like BEE. These different invisible ink plate marks can be: Designed with ink pens or processed by our professional technicians. Fonts, numbers or special patterns can be used in the center or four corners of each card.

Invisible ink poker cards are the most practical means of cheating in poker, and ultraviolet (infrared) contact lenses are a poker cheating device applied to ink ink poker cards. Of course, the appearance is ordinary color contact lenses, safe and convenient. By the way, eye color and keeping a secret in poker games and poker tricks, you should choose the color that matches your eye color.

Choose the bee playing cards you want and let us handle it for you!


Jumbo Index / Blue / Barcode, Jumbo Index / Blue / Infrared Marks, Jumbo Index / Blue / Ultraviolet Marks, Jumbo Index / Red / Barcode, Jumbo Index / Red / Infrared Marks, Jumbo Index / Red / Ultraviolet Marks, Standard Index / Blue / Barcode, Standard Index / Blue / Infrared Marks, Standard Index / Blue / Ultraviolet Marks, Standard Index / Red / Barcode, Standard Index / Red / Infrared Marks, Standard Index / Red / Ultraviolet Marks


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