Modiano Golden Trophy Cards with Luminous Marks

How can the Modiano Golden Trophy cards with luminous marks work in poker tricks? In some places, the Modiano Golden Trophy marked deck of cards might be used in poker…

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How do Modiano Golden Trophy cards with light up markers work in poker tricks? Available for users of cards bearing the Modiano Golden Trophy mark, the symbol or mark will not be visible at all, as the luminescent mark on the back of the marked card is invisible to the naked eye and cannot be seen by anyone not using a suitable infrared ink reader The mark. You can wear infrared contact lenses. Get a sneaky, clear look at suit or number markers. Being fully aware of all your opponent’s cards, you can always make smart decisions and bets between games to ultimately win.

In our company we offer all models of playing cards with the Modiano Golden Trophy logo. All red and blue decks have large glowing markers on the back, small markers in the corners, or other markers. A deck with both blue and red markers is likely to have very high quality markers. You can decide to get a double deck here, a red and a blue deck, or just a single deck with a jumbo index, normal or four PIP indexes.

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Blue / Double Decks / Infrared Marks, Blue / Double Decks / Ultraviolet Marks, Blue / Single Deck / Infrared Marks, Blue / Single Deck / Ultraviolet Marks, Red / Double Decks / Infrared Marks, Red / Double Decks / Ultraviolet Marks, Red / Single Deck / Infrared Marks, Red / Single Deck / Ultraviolet Marks


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