Best FAISAN Marked Mexico Poker Trick Cards

When it comes to representative?Spanish poker trick cards, what brand of poker will flash in your mind at once? Maybe you have a deep impression on different series of Fournier…

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When it comes to typical Spanish poker tricks, which brand of poker comes to mind first? What about the Waza card? Original 100% plastic playing cards from Cartamundi, Mexico, specially treated with high technology, smooth to the touch, exquisite artwork and high quality. Choose cards marked with invisible ink.

Typical Spanish decks are nothing like Modiano or Copag decks, with only 40 or 50 cards in a deck. 11)]. , King (12)] for each of the four suits (clubs, cups, swords, and coins). However, this unique feature does not affect the labeling method. There is a large mark in the center of the playing cards that have been played. The cards are always the most popular among poker players. On the other hand, if you want to get rid of the hassle of not being able to recognize the big marks on the cards due to special objects blocking them. This is another marker type, which is 4 small markers. No matter what kind of sign you want, we can help you solve these problems. Also, you can send your favorite logo to customize the design.


By the way, some customers may want to mark cards with ink pens that have been marked on playing cards with Mexico FAISAN IR lenses, which is good because the UV phosphorescent ink used to mark each card is very different. This is not an option. , the handwritten playing cards are visible because the ink is susceptible to the environment, but if you have any issues with the product, please contact us first.


Black / Barcode / IR Contact Lenses, Black / Barcode / Phone Analyzer, Black / IR Ink / IR Contact Lenses, Black / IR Ink / Phone Analyzer, Blue / Barcode / IR Contact Lenses, Blue / Barcode / Phone Analyzer, Blue / IR Ink / IR Contact Lenses, Blue / IR Ink / Phone Analyzer, Red / Barcode / IR Contact Lenses, Red / Barcode / Phone Analyzer, Red / IR Ink / IR Contact Lenses, Red / IR Ink / Phone Analyzer


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