BMW Car Key Poker Camera with Playing Cards Analyzer

BMW car key poker camera with playing cards analyzer is used in many card games by a vast number of poker lovers.In general, the scanning distance of the BMW car…

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The BMW car key poker camera with Trump Analyzer is used by a large number of poker enthusiasts for many poker games.

Generally speaking, the scanning distance of the BMW car key camera can be divided into several sections within the range of 20-40 cm, and the signal frequency also has 1-3 frequencies to choose from, and the working time is about 1 hour, but the battery is removable. But the wireless poker camera has two power sources, a button switch and a mercury switch, so you can play for a long time with batteries. Compatible with BMW car key poker camera.


In addition to BMW, it also camouflages different car key shapes: Audi Q7, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and many more. The key wireless camera can be customized. And is this BMW the best key poker camera for Bandai poker analyzers? The answer is yes. And the CVK 600 can be used with the car key The poker camera is commonly used, if you want to use it, just change the local camera to a wireless camera. It is very easy and convenient for poker players to apply poker skills.


Black / 20-40 CM / 1 hour, Black / 20-40 CM / 2 hours, Black / 8-20 CM / 1 hour, Black / 8-20 CM / 2 hours, Gold / 20-40 CM / 1 hour, Gold / 20-40 CM / 2 hours, Gold / 8-20 CM / 1 hour, Gold / 8-20 CM / 2 hours, Gray / 20-40 CM / 1 hour, Gray / 20-40 CM / 2 hours, Gray / 8-20 CM / 1 hour, Gray / 8-20 CM / 2 hours, Others / 20-40 CM / 1 hour, Others / 20-40 CM / 2 hours, Others / 8-20 CM / 1 hour, Others / 8-20 CM / 2 hours


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