Gambling Phone Poker Analyzer for Reading Original Cards

Normal cards poker analyzer phone is a cheating device for dealer. It is the only poker cheating analyzer that used with normal playing cards. We also can say that it…

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The common card poker analyzer mobile phone is the dealer’s cheating device, and it is the only poker cheating analyzer used in conjunction with common playing cards. Snaps onto UV marked deck.

So how does this original brand analyzer work? A set of original brand analyzer includes a mobile phone, a monitor connected to the signal receiver, and a tiny earphone. As the cards are dealt, the scanner records the card value and suit, and sends an image to a monitor so partners can see every card in each player’s hand. Tiny headphones tell you the result.

The carrier of this ordinary poker analyzer can be an iPhone, SAMSUNG or HUAWEI model smartphone. Like a barcode poker reader, it can be used as a functional mobile phone, which can make calls, send text messages, take pictures, surf the Internet, etc. Another advantage of this ordinary card analyzer is that there is no limit to the use environment , eg light If you want to see this common card analyzer video, please contact me on WhatsApp.


English / 17cm / Wireless 2.37G, English / 17cm / Wireless 2.47G, English / 17cm / Wireless 2.57G, English / 25cm / Wireless 2.37G, English / 25cm / Wireless 2.47G, English / 25cm / Wireless 2.57G, English / 30cm / Wireless 2.37G, English / 30cm / Wireless 2.47G, English / 30cm / Wireless 2.57G, Russia / 17cm / Wireless 2.37G, Russia / 17cm / Wireless 2.47G, Russia / 17cm / Wireless 2.57G, Russia / 25cm / Wireless 2.37G, Russia / 25cm / Wireless 2.47G, Russia / 25cm / Wireless 2.57G, Russia / 30cm / Wireless 2.37G, Russia / 30cm / Wireless 2.47G, Russia / 30cm / Wireless 2.57G


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