Ultra Luminous Reader Infrared Lenses to Read The Ink

Ultra luminous reader infrared lenses to read the ink are as an important part for poker tricks. Some people hold an opinion that buying marked playing cards would change their…

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Ultra-luminous reader infrared lens for reading ink is an important part of playing cards, but without infrared contact lenses, it is impossible for our naked eyes to see the ink marked as invisible, here is an option.

Many people pay attention to two aspects when choosing a pair of super luminous reader infrared lenses to see ink. Please note that the more detections, the blurrier the viewing. Infrared contact lenses are processed by laser dyeing system and sandwich technology, so that you will not feel pain when wearing contact lenses, and the original eyes will retain the color. Avoid side effects. For eye health, wear as directed.

Even if you’ve never heard of a super-luminous reader infrared lens for reading ink, you’ll find the perfect strategy for the game of poker you’re playing.


Black / 5mm / DHL, Black / 5mm / EMS, Black / 5mm / FedEx, Black / 6mm / DHL, Black / 6mm / EMS, Black / 6mm / FedEx, Black / 7mm / DHL, Black / 7mm / EMS, Black / 7mm / FedEx, Black / 9mm / DHL, Black / 9mm / EMS, Black / 9mm / FedEx, Blue / 5mm / DHL, Blue / 5mm / EMS, Blue / 5mm / FedEx, Blue / 6mm / DHL, Blue / 6mm / EMS, Blue / 6mm / FedEx, Blue / 7mm / DHL, Blue / 7mm / EMS, Blue / 7mm / FedEx, Blue / 9mm / DHL, Blue / 9mm / EMS, Blue / 9mm / FedEx, Brown / 5mm / DHL, Brown / 5mm / EMS, Brown / 5mm / FedEx, Brown / 6mm / DHL, Brown / 6mm / EMS, Brown / 6mm / FedEx, Brown / 7mm / DHL, Brown / 7mm / EMS, Brown / 7mm / FedEx, Brown / 9mm / DHL, Brown / 9mm / EMS, Brown / 9mm / FedEx


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