CVK 680 Poker Card Analyzer iPhone 8 Plus Model

CVK 680 poker analyzer was launched by CVK company in 2020. It can predict who will be the winner in a poker game. Using the poker analyzer, you can be…

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CVK 680 Poker Analyzer was launched by CVK in 2020. It allows you to predict who will be the winner in a poker game. You can know more proactively. In addition, you can also adjust your game in real time according to the results given. Poker strategy through CVK680. Taking baccarat as an example, if you know the player’s level in advance, you can decide whether to add a card. If you directly choose the card reading mode, you can know the value of the next card and decide whether it is beneficial to you.

Advantages of CVK 680 Poker Analyzer
Appearance of iPhone 8 Plus

The prototype of the CVK 680 Poker Analyzer is an iPhone 8 Plus, so you don’t have to worry about it looking dated. Also, the CVK 680 Poker Analyzer can be used like a normal mobile phone with all functions.. There are some usual things like listening to music, making calls, sending messages.

long scan distance

The built-in camera of Poker Analyzer is one of the most important components of Poker Analyzer, and its scanning distance will affect the user experience to a certain extent. The scanning distance of CVK 680 can reach 20-45 cm between marks. In addition, if the scanning range and the distance of the built-in camera cannot meet your needs, please use an external poker cheater camera.

100% accuracy

If you ask me what is the basics of a poker analyzer, I will answer directly. It is accuracy. Whether you want to know the rank of a player or the value of a card, accuracy is very important. Poker If Analyzer Gives Wrong Information Our CVK 680 Poker Predictor is 100% accurate because the camera clearly captures the barcode marked playing cards and uses a sophisticated analysis system to analyze the information. precise. Not only is it accurate, but you also get instant results.

Variety of game options

Players from different countries play different games, but you don’t have to worry about not being able to find a suitable game on the CVK 680. There are many poker games, including Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Omaha, and Baccarat.

If you choose to purchase 3 of these, you can find the game directly on the purchased games page.

Attached equipment

Remote Controls When you purchase a CVK 680 Poker Scanner Analyzer, you will receive a paired set of remote controls to help you increase or decrease your player count surreptitiously.

Mini Earphones CVK 680 Mark’s card analyzer can get results through mini earphones, which are too small to be found by others when worn on the ear, and the sound is so clear that only you can hear it.

How do I order CVK680?

If you want to increase your poker win rate and win more money in a short time, the CVK680 Poker Analyzer is definitely for you. Get the lowest prices by calling (+86 150 9995 1380) or emailing ([email protected]).

What about the language version?

CVK 680 devices support Chinese and English.

shipping and delivery

CVK 680 equipment shipped from China. Generally we have DHL, UPS and FedEx, we will provide the most convenient one according to your needs.

How can I track the status of my order?

We will send you the tracking number and tracking link as soon as your order ships.


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