LD D4 All-in-one Poker Card Analyzer

The all-in-one poker card analyzer refers to the phone scanner analyzer that also has the mini scanning camera inside, so it can scan the marked deck of cards and analyze…

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An all-in-one poker analyzer is a cell phone scanner analyzer that also has a tiny scanning camera inside, so it can scan a marked deck of cards and analyze the signal data to determine the best winning hand, etc. You can get poker results.

In the past, the calling card analyzer simply counted the cards to get the result, and firstly needed a wireless scanning camera to scan the card holder marked with a barcode.

However, poker analyzers are very stylish smartphones, and now AKK K3 has a scanning camera inside the mobile phone analyzer, and the analyzer can be used with one hand. For poker games, its scanner camera can read cards at a distance of 20cm to 40cm.

The LD D4 Poker Analyzer Scanning System allows you to set up up to 5 poker games, 2 more than the AKK Analyzer, such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha 5 Card. Ready to use after ordering, easy to enjoy the fun of the game.


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