LD D6 Playing Cards Analyzer Devices

LD D6 playing cards analyzer device includes a functional smart phone with analyzer system, a remote control and a mini Bluetooth earpiece. Its biggest selling point is that it has…

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The LD D6 Tramp Analyzer device consists of a functional smartphone with the analyzer system, a remote control and mini bluetooth earbuds. There are 5 games.

LD D6 Poker Analyzer is a poker cheat that helps users know winners in advance before placing bets.

This ace analyzer is suitable for Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Blackjack and more. For example, the Poker Winner Analyzer reports the best 2 hands with 4 Omaha cards, 5 community cards and also reports the suit and value of each card from top to bottom.

The scanning distance of LD D6 is 20~60cm. This distance is suitable for players with 1, 10, 5, and 6 seats. If you have 7 or 8 seats, you need the help of an external scanner camera. Wireless mobile as a power bank to scan the camera.

You are really in luck because the LD D6 playing card analyzer device can be matched with any model of external scanner camera.


Black / 20-40 CM / Bank Transfer, Black / 20-40 CM / Moneygram, Black / 20-40 CM / Western Union, Black / 25-45 CM / Bank Transfer, Black / 25-45 CM / Moneygram, Black / 25-45 CM / Western Union, White / 20-40 CM / Bank Transfer, White / 20-40 CM / Moneygram, White / 20-40 CM / Western Union, White / 25-45 CM / Bank Transfer, White / 25-45 CM / Moneygram, White / 25-45 CM / Western Union


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