PK S708 Poker Analyzer for Texas Holdem/Omaha

PK S708 poker analyzer is published in 2017. It is available for most casino poker games. With the help of it, you can know the first and the second hand…

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Released in 2017, the PK S708 Poker Analyzer is suitable for most casino poker games. With it, you can learn about gambling first and second hand. gamble. It can greatly improve your chances of winning in gambling.

The PK S708 supports up to 5 poker games, while the AKK and CVK analyzers only support 3 games. If you play 5 different poker games, you will need 2 poker analyzers. But a PK S708 poker hand analyzer can meet your playing requirements. Cost-effective. A set of PK S708 analyzer includes a remote control, a smart watch, a wireless headset and a poker analyzer.

PK S708 can be connected with a smart watch, when the scanner reads the marked cards, the watch will show on the screen who is the winner, for example, if the first place is the winner, the second hand of the watch will point to 1 immediately. You move cards and the time advances as usual. Or you can put on wireless headphones and listen to the results. This way you don’t need to look at your watch and you can focus on your poker game.


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