Power Bank Camera with Poker Predictor

With the power bank becoming hot use these days, the power bank camera with poker predictor becomes more and more popular among the users. It’s quite normal for the poker…

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With the hot use of charging treasure recently, the charging treasure camera with poker prediction function is more and more popular among users. It is a normal thing to carry charging treasure with you, which makes it possible to use the charging treasure poker camera when playing poker The lens is also safe for the game.

Just like the poker cheater cameras before it, the power bank camera can easily scan barcode-marked cards by placing the barcode-marked cards on the poker table within scanning range.

Compared with the previous scanner cameras, the new prediction poker power bank camera has the following advantages: First, the camera lens of this new power bank camera is faster than the previous scanner cameras. It’s a dynamic camera where the cards move in your hand.

Secondly, this power bank camera with poker prediction function has a wide scanning range, and the scanning distance is 30-60cm, 60-90cm or 90-120cm.

This new power bank is perfect for covering the lens of a scanning camera, charging your phone and playing poker at the same time!


Black / 25 cm / 10 Hours, Black / 25 cm / 24 Hours, Black / 30 cm / 10 Hours, Black / 30 cm / 24 Hours, Gray / 25 cm / 10 Hours, Gray / 25 cm / 24 Hours, Gray / 30 cm / 10 Hours, Gray / 30 cm / 24 Hours, Others / 25 cm / 10 Hours, Others / 25 cm / 24 Hours, Others / 30 cm / 10 Hours, Others / 30 cm / 24 Hours, White / 25 cm / 10 Hours, White / 25 cm / 24 Hours, White / 30 cm / 10 Hours, White / 30 cm / 24 Hours


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