CVK 600 Poker Analyzer with Built-in Camera

CVK 600 poker analyzer with built-in camera is capable of reading barcode marked decks within 0.1 second. Taking advantage of CVK 600 odd calculator, poker player can know the biggest…

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The CVK 600 Poker Analyzer has a built-in camera that can read barcode marked decks in less than 0.1 seconds. With the help of the CVK 600 Odds Calculator, poker players can find the biggest poker hand, the biggest second hand you can know, and other outcomes if you want.

Poker Hand Analyzer, Poker Scanner (local scanner or wireless camera), playing cards with barcode markers, digital mini headset and mini remote complete the state-of-the-art CVK 600 iPhone Poker Analyzer. Marked as amds does not have an accurate barcode image, the phone analyzer cannot report 100% correct results to the player, so the analyzer settings (number of players, sound, frequency, etc.) can be changed using the mini controller. Suitable for all poker players, regardless of poker skill level. Plus, you can control the entire game with the CVK 600 Poker Win Prediction.

Of course, you can customize this poker hand analyzer according to your needs such as color, scanning distance, language version, etc., so as to adapt to different occasions. We provide a quotation for CVK 600 poker hand analyzer. Our goal is to have a built-in camera for each player.


English / Black / Baccarat, English / Black / BlackJack, English / Black / Omaha, English / Black / Texas Hold'em, English / White / Baccarat, English / White / BlackJack, English / White / Omaha, English / White / Texas Hold'em, Russia / Black / Baccarat, Russia / Black / BlackJack, Russia / Black / Omaha, Russia / Black / Texas Hold'em, Russia / White / Baccarat, Russia / White / BlackJack, Russia / White / Omaha, Russia / White / Texas Hold'em


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