Quality iPhone 11 Phone Analyzer Poker Scanner System

If you are a poker lover, you just need to know the latest phone analyzer poker scanner system so far in the market: iPhone 11 poker cheat system. What is…

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If you are a poker lover, you must know the newest mobile phone analyzer poker scanning system on the market, iPhone 11 poker cheating system.

What is iPhone 11 Phone Analyzer Poker Scanner System?

A poker call analyzer is a card cheating device that can tell you the best hand, suit and even the value of each card in the game. , Texas Hold’em, Four Card/Five Card Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc. are Phone Analyzer’s default games. You can also customize the game. Just tell the technician the rules of the game.

The latest “Mobile Phone Analyzer” is a one-to-one customized appearance of Apple’s iPhone 11. Its functions are the same as those of ordinary smartphones, and AKK elements such as mailboxes and calls are all available. The Analyzer is different from the regular iPhone 11 Pro in that it is a poker scanner camera for remotely reading coded cards.

Phone Analyzer Poker Scanner works with cards marked with barcodes. The scanning camera inside the iPhone 11 Phone Analyzer reads the invisible ink marks on the edges of the playing cards, and the system scans the marks. Game results can be read by receiving a mini-headphone or on a smartphone screen. Don’t worry about being noticed. There is a remote that changes the number of players during a game if players join or leave the game and affect the outcome of the game.

This iPhone 11 phone analyzer is the best quality poker scanner system sold online. If you want more information, please contact us. We can show you pictures, videos or make video calls. We can even show you how to go about operating this cheating device.


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