Samsung AKK K5 Poker Cheating Device

Samsung AKK K5 poker cheating device is suitable for most casino poker gambling. Unlike AKK K4 analyzer, AKK K5 poker analyzer is equipped with unchangeable battery. It just can be…

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The Samsung AKK K5 Poker Cheater is suitable for most casino poker games. Unlike the AKK K4 Analyzer, the AKK K5 Poker Analyzer has non-replaceable batteries. It can be charged. Yes, once fully charged, the Samsung AKK K5’s once playing card will last for predictions.

The K5 analyzer has Samsung’s stylish appearance. At first, the K5 poker analyzer only had a built-in camera, so if the marked cards were turned face down, barcodes could not be scanned. Since then, K5 has been updated and equipped with two cameras, which can read barcodes no matter the card is facing down. It can also be connected to a scanning camera, and scanners with different scanning distances can be selected according to needs.

The Samsung K5 Poker Cheater has Texas Hold’em, Omaha 4 Cards, Omaha 5 Cards, Russian Card-Color Card and many other poker games. The K5 analyzer can only buy 3 poker games, you can choose 3 that you often play. You can choose a game. If you don’t buy the game, there is a time limit, and when the time runs out, the results stop counting. If you play more than 3 games, you need to have 2 poker analyzers.


Black / English / Wireless 2.37G, Black / English / Wireless 2.47G, Black / English / Wireless 2.57G, Black / Russian / Wireless 2.37G, Black / Russian / Wireless 2.47G, Black / Russian / Wireless 2.57G, White / English / Wireless 2.37G, White / English / Wireless 2.47G, White / English / Wireless 2.57G, White / Russian / Wireless 2.37G, White / Russian / Wireless 2.47G, White / Russian / Wireless 2.57G


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