Water Bottle Cheating Camera Poker Scanner

Water bottle cheating camera poker scanner is one of the new generation products that come out this year. It’s a good choice poker players in winter for it can hold…

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The Water Bottle Cheat Camera Poker Scanner is one of a new generation of products launched this year. Because it holds hot water like a regular bottle, and can scan decks marked with barcodes to play poker tricks. , perfect for winter poker players.

The water bottle is a good item on the poker table, it can hide the scanning camera of the poker analyzer cheating system, and it is easier to be accepted by others.

What’s more, the battery of this brand new 730N bottle poker scanner camera can last about 3 to 4 hours, longer than many other scanners like lighters and car keys. You can replace it. If you want to enjoy a long poker game, you can use 2 or more batteries.

In addition to high security and long-life operation, its scanning range is another advantage of the bottle liar camera. For this bottle wide range scanner, the scanning distance from the card is 28cm to 55cm. The scan distance at the top and bottom is 25 cm. We can also customize the scanning distance for bottle poker card scanner if you have special requirements. Please contact us for more information!


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