iPhone Scanning Camera Marked Cards Detector

Iphone scanning camera marked cards detector is for barcode marked playing cards. There is a mini scanner inside the real Iphone model that cannot be detected by our human nude…

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Iphone Scan Camera Marked Card Detector is for poker cards marked with barcodes. Genuine Iphone models have mini scanners, which cannot be detected by human eyes, and are no different from scanning cameras.


The scanning distance between the iphone poker cheat camera and the deck with barcode marks is about 20-40cm. If you want to adjust the scanning distance, just put the scanner in the best position. It is very easy to adjust. Unobtrusive.. In this range poker players can use the Poker Analyzer very well.

Is it difficult to operate in Texas hold’em? of course not. First, change the local scanner in phone settings to wireless camera. Then use the needle to open the scanner and place the marked card All steps take about 1-2 minutes to operate the Iphone scanner is simple, safe, fast and convenient, suitable for any game Without the Iphone scanner, it is impossible to gain such an advantage in the game .


20-40 CM / 17 cm / 3 hours, 20-40 CM / 17 cm / 5 hours, 20-40 CM / 25 cm / 3 hours, 20-40 CM / 25 cm / 5 hours, 8-20 CM / 17 cm / 3 hours, 8-20 CM / 17 cm / 5 hours, 8-20 CM / 25 cm / 3 hours, 8-20 CM / 25 cm / 5 hours


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