Infrared Contact Lenses to See Marked Deck

Infrared contact lenses have been specially processed so that they can be used to detect invisible ink marks on marked deck of cards. The wave band of invisible light is…

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Infrared contact lenses are specially treated to detect invisible ink stains on marked playing cards. The wavelength band of invisible light is between 400nm and 700nm. Waves above 700nm are called infrared light, and waves below 400nm are called infrared rays. ultraviolet light. Some ingenuity is required. Detect special light.

Marked cards are becoming more and more popular in poker cheating, and with the help of these cards, it is easier for players to win in gambling. Treated with invisible ink, we cannot see the glowing markings on the cards through naked bodies. We must wear infrared contact lenses. Markings are clearly visible with these lenses.

The appearance of contact lenses is the same as that of ordinary contact lenses. High-quality contact lenses have low water content, and the eyes are not easy to dry out, so you can feel at ease when wearing them for the first time. Since it is a contact lens, it will not cause any discomfort to the eyes.


1 year / IR marks / A, 1 year / IR marks / B, 1 year / IR marks / C, 1 year / UV marks / A, 1 year / UV marks / B, 1 year / UV marks / C, 6 months / IR marks / A, 6 months / IR marks / B, 6 months / IR marks / C, 6 months / UV marks / A, 6 months / UV marks / B, 6 months / UV marks / C


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