Poker Table with Cameras for Gambling Cheating

Equipped with many mini cameras, the poker table is for reading the invisible ink marked cards. With the same as outward appearance of unprocessed table, poker cheating table is nearly…

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A poker table with countless tiny cameras that can read cards marked with invisible ink, the same as the raw plate, is almost impossible for someone else’s poker cheating table.

Poker tables with cameras for gambling fraud are compatible with poker analysis systems and poker infrared systems. For poker analyzers, the poker table with camera is a wireless scanner that reads cards marked with barcodes. Use it to find out who has the best hand. , second best hand, and other 100% accurate results. With the IR system, we know every hand, so the player can control the entire game.

Poker tables made of any material can be made into poker cheats for a specific poker system, in any color, size and material of your choice.

Just like everything else for sale here, we also have detailed pictures and instructions showing how to best operate and control the camera poker table for gambling cheats. So you are welcome to contact me for more information or prices.


Barcode / Black / Metal, Barcode / White / Metal, IR / Black / Metal, IR / White / Metal, UV / Black / Metal, UV / White / Metal


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