Wallet Playing Cards Scanner Camera for Cheating

Wallet playing cards scanner is a normal look wallet with inside a mini HD-camera lens that can work well to scan the barcode poker cards for phone analyzer app cheating…

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Wallet Playing Card Scanner is a plain looking wallet inside a mini HD camera lens that scans barcode playing cards for mobile phone analyzer app to cheat online in poker games.

Wallet is a very hidden item, few people care about it, it is impolite to look at other people’s wallet. Much safer than other poker scanning cameras. Stylish looking, the wallet scan camera is perfect for players to bring to the poker room.

The big wallet has more space, and the built-in camera has a longer scanning distance. According to your needs, one scanning distance is 20cm to 40cm, and the other scanning distance is 60cm to 80cm. There is no need to buy it for a long scanning distance.

Also, the battery of the wallet scanner can be easily recharged. You can also swap out two fully-charged batteries for all-night gaming.


Black / 25 cm / 10 Hours, Black / 25 cm / 24 Hours, Black / 30 cm / 10 Hours, Black / 30 cm / 24 Hours, Others / 25 cm / 10 Hours, Others / 25 cm / 24 Hours, Others / 30 cm / 10 Hours, Others / 30 cm / 24 Hours, Silver / 25 CM / 10 hours, Silver / 25 CM / 24 hours, Silver / 30 CM / 10 hours, Silver / 30 CM / 24 hours


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